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2013 International Workshop on Languages for the Multi-core Era

               July 2013, at ECOOP 2013, Montpellier, France
         (also colocated with ECMFA and ECSA, and other events)

LaME provides a venue for exploring how languages and related artifacts (e.g., abstractions implemented as libraries, compilers, analysis tools, and parallel runtimes) can make parallel programming safer and more productive, without sacrificing performance. The workshop allows researchers to present new ideas, research directions, and preliminary results in an informal atmosphere that fosters discussion and feedback.


Past Events

2012 International Workshop on Languages for the Multi-core Era

               June 13 2012, at ECOOP 2012, Beijing China
(also colocated with PLDI, ISMM, LCTES, the X10 workshop, and other events)

LaME is an interactive venue for exposing, evaluating, and developing programming language support for concurrency. This workshop provides a forum for the proposal and discussion of creative ideas that spur the development of innovative or improved concurrency models, languages, run-time systems, libraries and tools for multicore programming.


2011 Aeminium-Interfaces Joint Workshop, November 9th

"Reitoria da Universidade Nova" in the room "Sala do Senado".


10:00 am - Welcome and Workshop Introduction

Session 1: Language-based Safety and Security for the Web

10:15 am - João Seco, Data Security with Refinement Types

10:45 am - Luís Caires, Interface Certification for Software Services

11:15 am - Antonio Melo (OutSystems), Validation Issues in web applications.

11:45 am - Discussion

12:00 am - Lunch

Session 2: Enabling Parallelism for the Masses

1:30 pm - Sven Stork, Aeminium language

2:00 pm - Alcides Fonseca, AEminiumGPU: A CPU-GPU Hybrid Runtime for the Æminium Language

2:30 pm - Filipe Martins (Novabase) - TBD

3:00 pm - Discussion

3:15 pm - Break

Session 3: Type-based Static Analysis

3:45 pm - Ijaz Ahmed (UMA) - Automated Verification of Specifications with

Typestates and Access Permissions

4:15 pm - Vasco Vasconcelos, Checking Dynamic Roles in Multiparty Communication

4:45 pm - Discussion and Wrapup

5:15 pm - Informal follow-up

2010 Workshop on Facilitating Adoption of Parallel Computing

Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Location: GHC 7501 at CMU

Sponsor: CMU|Portugal Program

With the rise of multicore processors and the increasing richness of application functionality, leveraging parallel computation is increasingly necessary to achieve good performance. However, parallel computing is also difficult for programmers, due to the need to decompose the problem into sub-parts which can be solved in parallel, and due to the challenges of managing potential interference between concurrent tasks.

This workshop focuses on research approaches intended to facilitate the practical adoption of parallel computing. These may include engineering approaches, new models of parallel computing, approaches for verification and reasoning in the presence of concurrency, and approaches for teaching parallel computing.


9:00 Welcome and Workshop Introduction

9:15 Engineering Parallelism: What Works in Practice

10:15 Break

10:30 New Programming Models Facilitating Adoption of Parallelism

12:00 Lunch (provided for workshop participants)

1:00 Verification: Helping Developers Reason about Concurrency

2:00 Hardware Factors in Parallel Computing

2:45 Break

3:00 Teaching Parallel Computing

3:30 Wrapup

4:00 Informal Follow-up